Emerging Voices Lecture Series

Poster design

The assignment was to reimagine the posters for an existing lecture series: I chose the Architectural League of New York's annual Emerging Voices Lecture Series, which highlights young talent in architecture. While the existing posters are well-designed, I felt more could be done to create visually interesting posters. Completed as part of coursework at the Parsons School of Design. I introduced bright, primary colors to attract the eye and transformed the name of the lecture series into sound waves bouncing off of the walls of the poster–a somewhat literal interpretation of "emerging voices" that also incorporates elements interacting in space, a key part of architecture.

Made in → 2018
Created at → Parsons School of Design

I also expanded the series to introduce 4 additional posters that correspond to each date of the lecture series. Instead of the name of the lecture series as the sound waves, they are the names of the speakers for that night.