Fathom 25

Event branding

Branding for the celebration of Fathom Creative's 25th anniversary in the summer of 2019.

The aim was to blend the traditional "silver" that a twenty-fifth anniversary is known for and the rainbow spectrum of clients that Fathom has throughout its history. The perfect solution to this was to use holographic paper and backgrounds to create a vibrant graphic feel that, when paired with a matte black, would make for a fun yet elegant identity.

I helped refine the identity once the initial look and feel were in place and was a part of the 3-person team that implemented it into all of the deliverables, which included drink menus, a client thank you poster, and signage.

As part of my intern duties, I also built a three-dimensional F disco ball to hang during the party, spray painted a custom oversize Jenga set, and helped construct a rainbow "work wall" that colorfully showcased samples from 25 years of client work.

Made in → 2019
Created at → Fathom Creative
Art direction → Kat Scott
Team → Noah Mooney, Houston Brassfield

The invitation consisted of a die-cut black sleeve with matte text and a holographic insert that contained a magnetic enamel pin in the shape of the Fathom Creative logo, which served as the entrance ticket to the party.
The front door was cover with a black wrap with holographic text.
Rainbow work wall.