Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics

Editorial design

The Lab was founded in 2012 by co-directors Derek Goldman, award-winning professional theater artist, leader in the field of global performance, and Professor of Theater & Performance Studies, and Ambassador Cynthia Schneider, Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy and former US Ambassador to the Netherlands (1998-2001), as an outgrowth of a Convening on Global Performance, Civic Imagination, and Cultural Diplomacy. In that time, The Lab has emerged as a global leader, widely recognized as unique for its pioneering interdisciplinary approaches integrating the performing arts and international relations. While working in-house at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, I worked with The Lab to create a booklet that explains who they are and what they do, and displays some of the world-class performances they produce.

Made in → 2019
Created at → Georgetown School of Foreign Service (in-house)
Art direction → Becky Berg

The front and back cover displays dancers performing in Generation (Wh)Y: Global Voices on Stage.
The photography is combined with bold text spreads that highlight the mission of the Lab, while incorporating elements of the brand with the blue dot motif.
The bold, eye-catching photos are combined with quotes from various leaders and performers that testify to the Lab's important work.