Walsh School of Foreign Service

Branding, editorial design

Selected work from four years of working in-house as a Design and Web Producer at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, helping to extend the school's brand and continually develop fresh work while working within the university's brand guidelines.

Created at → Georgetown University


The School of Foreign Service's 100th anniversary was celebrated throughout 2019 with special events, lectures, and programs. I helped create dozens of social media graphics, posters, banners, and advertisements in both print and digital formats to help promote both the event and the school.

Lamp post banners on campus with the tagline for the Centennial: "A Century of Service."
Web advertisement for coffee table book commemorating 100 years of SFS history.

Gala Weekend

SFS100 culminated in the Centennial Gala Weekend—four days of nearly nonstop events, programs, and performances, ending with a black-tie gala held at the National Building Museum.

I designed uniform signage for all events and wayfinding to help guide people unfamiliar with the campus, including working with existing brands like Vox's Recode Decode podcast, whose host Kara Swisher was taping a live episode as part of the weekend.

I also helped design various elements of the presentation for the actual gala, including animated introductions for segments of the evening.

Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics

The Lab was founded in 2012 by co-directors Derek Goldman, award-winning professional theater artist, and former US Ambassador to the Netherlands Cynthia Schneider. Since then, The Lab has emerged as a global leader, widely recognized as unique for its pioneering interdisciplinary approaches integrating the performing arts and international relations.

While working in-house at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, I worked with The Lab to create a booklet that explains who they are and what they do, and displays some of the world-class performances they produce.

The front and back cover displays dancers performing in Generation (Wh)Y: Global Voices on Stage.
The photography is combined with bold text spreads that highlight the mission of the Lab, while incorporating elements of the brand with the blue dot motif.
The bold, eye-catching photos are combined with quotes from various leaders and performers that testify to the Lab's important work.

Events and Social Media

Miscellaneous graphics for various events and social media posts.